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Founded in 2006, Linyi Consmos Wood Co., Ltd is situated in Linyi city which is the most famous and the biggest plywood producing center in China and in the world, Consmos has been engaged in manufacturing, processing and trading for the whole range of plywood and wood-based panel products for nearly years since 2006. With the continued efforts of Consmos team, Consmos has been developed into one of the most famous brand name of plywood and OSB products in China and world


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we have 100% birch plywood, UV birch plywood,Melamine laminated birch plywood, HPL laminated plywood.

PLYNOVO Birch Plywood A
PLYNOVO Birch Plywood A+
LUXPLY Birch Plywood S5
LUXPLY Birch Plywood S100
PLYNOVO Birch floor base plywood
PLYNOVO truck floor plywood


Detailed Products Description
PLYNOVO branded 100% birch plywood B/BB, S/BB, BB/CP,CP/CP,1/2 grade...
made by Consmos NEW plywood factory
same quality and grade as SVEZA and UPM/WISA
size : 1220x2440mm
thickness: 4mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/15mm/18mm/24mm/27mm/30mm
FSC,CARB P2 ,EPA, CE certified.

Features of Consmos 100% birch plywood:
1) Professional producing with up to 35 producing procedures
2) imported birch veneer from Russia directly,selected birch veneer
3) Deep knowledge of high grade 100% birch plywood, equivalent to Russian and Finland top birch plywood producers
4) E0 glue only in our factory,nearly no formaldehyde emission, heathly and responsible for nature and society
5)Grading professinally for different applications. We have Top grade LUXPLY birch plywood series of S5 and S100, we have PLYNOVO birch plywood A and A+ series.
6) New Factory, all new and advanced plywood machines and equipments to make sure the accurate producing requirement and fast efficiency.

Appearance of Birch Plywood
We Consmos Plywood factory produce top grade 100% birch plywood.
We use the grade system same as Finland and Russia big factories and standard.  We use two kinds of face vener for our birch plywood, one is thin face veneer as 0.30-0.35mm, another is thick face birch veneer as 1.20-1.50mm. But Grades of appearnace of birch plywood will be same as below :
B grade - PLYNOVO-Birch Premium
Recommended for surfaces to be lacquered. Light and uniform outlook with face veneer made of one sheet. Some healthy knots (diameter up to 12 mm) are permitted as is slight variation in colour. Does not contain plugs or surface joints.
S - PLYNOVO-Birch Special
Recommended for surfaces to be painted with non-transparent paint. A good, uniform grade. Some sound knots (diameter up to 20 mm) and a limited number of other knots (diameter up to 8 mm) are permitted. Discolouration is permitted. Does not contain plugs of surface joints.
A grade most used in technical application where sound surface is needed. Wooden plugs are used on surface veneer. In addition, minor surface defects are repaired with synthetic filler. A few sound knots (diameter up to 25 mm) and other knots (diameter up to 6 mm) are permitted.
CP and C- PLYNOVO-Birch
Suitable for constructional purposes where appearance is not important. Open splits, knot holes and other defects are permitted.
Core of Birch Plywood
PLYNOVO A grade Core
Composed by long grain and 3 or 4 pieces joint short grain core with 1-4 grade mixed.
PLYNOVO A+ grade Core
Composed by long grain and 2 piece joint short grain core with 1-4 grade mixed.
LUXPLY S5 Birch Plywood
Composed by long grain and 2 piece joint short grain core with 1-4 grade mixed,but one side 5 layers all core veneer be patched and repaired for curving.
LUXPLY S100 Birch Plywood
Composed by long grain and 2 piece joint short grain core with 1-2 grade mixed,but100% all core veneers be patched and repaired for super application.
Glue of Birch Plywood, Only E0 !!
E0 Interior Light Glue PLYNOVO/LUXPLY birch plywood;
WBP E0 Exterior and Interior Dark Glue,PLYNOVO/LUXPLY birch plywood.

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