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    We insist on principle the multi win relation between our company and our staff, our company and the raw materials suppliers/partners, our company and the customers/partners.
    Long term
    We looking forward to build all the partnerships with our customers, our suppliers and our staff etc. all based on Long term relationship instead of short time work.
    We care about the safety of our workers , our environment and our society. We care about the environment and observe the highest environmental standards and principles of the rational use of natural resources by all the solutions which government and customers required and ourselves required.
    We Consmos is a reliable partner for our clients. We provide good& consistent quality products and service professionally.
    We Consmos company is a fast growing company with goals steadily, we have a young team and Consmos is company with hope , energy and power.
    Construction+ Cosmos = Consmos, means we Construct the world !
    The Orange color means vigor,Happy and Sunshine,also means construct;
    The Green color means environment-friendly,one world one family,green power,long lasting,also means green world!